Part 1 – Sample Surgery: Removing a Tumor from Horse’s Mouth

Wondering what surgery is like for your horse?
These pictures will give you an idea, showing preparation through the process of removing the tumor.
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Dr. Gieche places the IV catheter and administers the pre-anesthetic medication.




The fold out wall in our surgery suite comfortably supports the horse.



Dr. Gieche administers the IV anesthetic.

The horse becomes progressively more drowsy.

The horse begins to lie down.

Carefully guided to the sternal position within the protection of the folding wall.

Dr. Gieche supports his head, while the technician swings the wall back so the horse can roll over on his side (lateral recumbency).

The technician monitors anethesia and reports vitals to Dr. Gieche.

The technician administers meds via the IV as needed, to maintain proper anesthetic depth.

A speculum is placed on his head so we can operate in his mouth. The head is cushioned using an inflatable ‘pillow’. Towels pad the face so the speculum bars don’t cause bruising.
The horse is ready for tumor removal.

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