Part 2 – Sample Surgery: Removing a Tumor from Horse’s Mouth

Wondering what surgery is like for your horse?
These pictures will give you an idea, showing preparation through the process of removing the tumor.
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Here is the tumor – about the size of a golf ball.

Dr. Gieche begins removing the tumor. He’s able to do this from the inside of the mouth, rather than through the cheek. This decreases surgical trauma and improves recovery rates.

It’s delicate work, because the tumor is fed by many blood vessels and it is difficult to move around in the limited space.

The tumor is slowly coming free.

About half-way there….

Here’s the tumor – but look what it is sitting on!
A very large blood vessel is supplying this tumor. Dr. Gieche needs to carefully avoid cutting this while he removes the rest of the tumor.

The tumor is gone! This area will fill in with granulation tissue after some suturing is done. The tumor is examined, and sent for a biopsy. If benign, this horse’s prognosis is excellent!

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